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BoardGrowth™ has packaged a convenient set of “best practice” tools and resources for your benefit.

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BoardGrowth™ understands that each of you has unique needs and conditions within your organization. By partnering with us, you can enter from your point of view and quickly get the answers you are looking for. We have several elements that guide our approach to board development and leadership training:

  • Free governing board newsletters for your immediate use – browse our newsletter archives for invaluable leadership insights.
  • Evaluation Surveys to get clear on where you and your board are and effectively plan where you need to be. With each evaluation you receive recommendations for first steps that will make your board’s improvement process easy to launch. We offer a Board Self-Evaluation and a CEO evaluation tool.
  • Corporate Governance Resources Our product packets based on the purpose, responsibilities and tasks of board members available for purchase individually or as a complete board improvement package.

To get more information about an evaluation or how to purchase tools and trainings, contact Bill Dann via e-mail or by phone at (877) 276-4414.

We are here to help you succeed.

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